Our story

We love plants and what started as a single potted plant soon turned into a plant hoarding obsession. Our little plant journey was going well except for one thing; the generic plastic pot that came with the plants just did not fit our aesthetic liking. We set out to look for better-looking pots at various plant nurseries but came back empty-handed. We finally stumbled upon some great looking handcrafted pots while on holiday and this sparked a series of events that eventually led to the birth of Potta Plantta, providing beautiful handcrafted pots and plants for the plant-loving community.

Our Products

Potta Plantta collaborates and support artisans from South East Asia. We believe in fair trade and sustainable practices that benefit the local community. Our products are all handcrafted individually, which requires expertise and time. Buying such products supports artisans who are passionate about their craft. Handcrafted products are personal to each artist and we should support their journey, their individuality, and their talent. This is something we value a lot when everything around us is mass produced in factories via cheap exploited labor in this current age.

We select plants that suit a variety of indoor conditions ranging from low to bright light. We repot our plants in a special blend of potting mixture that greatly reduces the risk of overwatering, the number one cause for plant death.

Our Mission

We are founded on the belief that beautiful pots and plants can transform your living spaces, improve your health and change your mood. Our goal is to provide customers with quality aesthetically pleasing products, beautiful plants, and good customer service.